Himalayan walking holidays

Village walks and Himalayan walking holidays - offered at Kumaon, Ladakh and Sikkim - are at the heart of any Shakti Experience, enabling you to enjoy the villages and rural life in remote mountain regions. Walks usually commence from or to one of our properties and usually include a lunch or breakfast set up under an awning on the route. Our walking Himalayas tours range in duration from 1-5 hours on any given day, but our guides will always vary our walks according to the fitness and interests of our guests

Our Himalayan walking holidays are very much walks and not treks and as such they are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Designed to keep you off the beaten path and providing authentic experiences of local life, our walks are the perfect antidote to the frenetic world you may be leaving to travel on a Walking Himalayas Shakti holiday.

Our Indian Himalayan walking holidays

Every journey is private and tailored to individual requirements, preferences and timings, but we hope that these sample itineraries give you a sense of the magic that awaits in Kumaon.