About Us


Shakti offers a rare opportunity to discover compellingly beautiful and remote regions of the Indian Himalaya, combining an honest and sustainable approach with refined simplicity and style. Shakti’s village walks & journeys in the regions of Kumaon, Sikkim & Ladakh are designed for sophisticated travellers, who appreciate privacy, authenticity and deeply beautiful vistas combined with comfort, style and fabulous food. A Shakti journey is designed to be flexible, private & fully-inclusive, whilst immersing the traveller, non intrusively, into the heart of the communities in which Shakti operates.



Shakti was founded in 2004 by Jamshyd Sethna, whose love of the mountains began during his schooldays in Darjeeling. A Parsi from Bombay, Jamshyd’s own personal travel style, love of food and art, combined with a passion for the Himalayas, is the creative force behind Shakti.

As one of India’s best known travel professionals, Shakti is born out of Jamshyd’s understanding of the sophisticated traveller he has spent his career catering to. Creating sensitive and private experiences in remote regions without compromising on authenticity or comfort was unparalleled at the time of conception and continues to be so today.